unique gourd art by joan appelt


About Me

My Background

Happy Fingers Carved Gourd

I guess I always wanted to do something creative but never seemed to find the time or the medium that was right for me. It wasn’t until I discovered hard shell gourds that I knew I had found my niche. 

My Medium

Steampunk Tea Pot

I love the versatility of the gourd. They can be used like a canvas for paint, stain or dye. Like wood, they can be carved or burned and are suitable for inlay work. Gourds can incorporate other techniques like basket weaving and coiling. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination. Historically gourds have been used by almost every culture to create food utensils, canteens, musical instruments, dolls, art and even cricket cages!

My Inspiration

Hardshell gourd Blowfish

I get much inspiration from the nature around me here in Tennessee and am particularly pleased when I can incorporate natural elements from our property. In fact, the gourds themselves come from our garden. The growing process is almost as exciting as turning the gourd into a work of art. Each gourd is different and I never know what I am going to get. 

The versatility of the gourd is why my pieces are rather diverse. I enjoy utilizing all the different techniques and creating a variety of objects from bowls to blow fish. 


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